Accommodation Tips for Hajj

Hajj is the supreme religious journey in the life of any Muslim, as it is fifth pillar of Islam. However, it really tests your physical and emotional strength as pilgrims have to walk a lot during the trip in tough weather conditions. It is therefore advised that pilgrims should prepare themselves both mentally and physically so they can face the difficulties that are likely to come their way.
Those, who are undertaking this holy journey for the first time, should also know what type of accommodations they will get in Saudi Arabia. Plus, how they need to accommodate with one another, in case, they have to share an accommodation and transport. To help such pilgrims British Hajj Travel Ltd has given some useful accommodation tips below that will prove quite beneficial for them.

- Each pilgrim is allowed to carry just two bags, of which one is a carryon bag, while the other is the suitcase. Pilgrims have to keep in mind that they should respect the right of others when they have to share accommodation or transportation with others. They should provide each other enough space that they can comfortable sleep and place their baggage.
- In case, you have to share the refrigerator too then, it’s best to use to optimally.
- Pilgrims from the UK, Europe and USA should also bear in mind that they should not compare the Star rating of Saudi hotels with the ones that they have back at home. Given that Saudi Government has given its own hotel ratings.
- The best way to reach Khana Kaaba in shortest possible time is to stay at a hotel that should be a short walk from the Haram Sharif.
- Pilgrims, who have their rooms at the first or second floor, should try to use the lift occasionally, as sometimes they get over crowded during Hajj. Also, it’s a safety hazard.
- In Mina each pilgrim will get only a single mattress space to sleep, but the good thing is that they will get sofa beds to sleep on. Moreover, each of them will get a light blanket along with a bed sheet, but they are advised to bring their own towels for personal use.
- Most of all, pilgrims must not leave their accommodation facility when they are cooking food or making tea because it is often observed that this has caused fire and leads to safety threat as well.


- Every pilgrim must remember the location and contact numbers of their hotels as well as the nearest landmark and Haram Sharif gate. So they can easily reach their hotel if they get separated from their group or buddy by using aforementioned information.
- Pilgrims must also know that a call from hotel phone will cost them more than they actually expect. So they should find an alternate way to communicate with their loved ones or friends.
- Last but not least, pilgrims must timely depart from Madinah to Makkah, Makkah to Mina, Mina to Arafat and from Muzdalifa. Then, leave for airport in Makkah from where they should head back to Jeddah airport to depart from Saudi Arabia in time.

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