The Basics of Hajj

Hajj has a significant place in Islam because it is one of the five main pillars of the religion. That is why every year thousands of pilgrims visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. However, there are some conditions that every Muslim needs to meet otherwise they will not be eligible to perform the ritual. The first of these conditions is that a Muslim should be in their full senses and have complete control of his/her mental faculties.The second condition is that a pilgrim must be old enough to understand the significance of this journey and know why they are leaving home for this ritual. The third condition is the most important of all because it describes that only those people can undertake this journey who are financially sound. This means Muslims who can bear their Hajj as well as their dependents’ expenses are eligible to perform Hajj.

Basics Of Hajj


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However, before reserving any of these Umrah packages you must also learn about the basics of Hajj because you need full devotion and peace of mind to perform this ritual without any errors. Pilgrims can do that by keeping few simple things in their mind, which are as follows:

  1. Pilgrims must have just one aim to perform Hajj and that is for the sake of Almighty Allah and not for pleasing or impressing others.
  2. Every Muslim must bear their Hajj expenses only from the money they have earned through Halal (legitimate) means. Money earned through Haram (illegitimate) means is not acceptable in this case.
  3. Muslims must fully clear their debts and financial compulsions before setting out for this journey. Also, where necessary, obtain the acknowledgement of the transaction in writing for future use.
  4. Lastly you must honestly try to resolve your disputes with others and try to seek forgiveness from the ones whom you may have offended or hurt in the past in any way.


These instructions are based on the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and those who really want to make their Hajj meaningful must follow them.

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  1. Rubina Reply

    I certainly agree with your thoughts as i believe every muslim individiual during his lifetime should visit hajj to gain spiritual enlightenment

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