Every year Muslims from all corners of the world visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. Just like other countries a large number of Muslim pilgrims from the UK also undertake this journey each year. So they could show their solidarity and submission to Allah SubhanahuWaTa’ala, who has blessed them with good health, wealth and much more. Hajj is compulsory religious duty that is also sometimes called as major pilgrimage that takes place from 8th to 12th of Dhu al-Hiijah in the last month of Islamic calendar. Thus, every able-bodied, who is physically fit and can afford to visit Allah’s home, is bound to perform this holy duty.

This makes Hajj a very important journey for every Muslim. Therefore, they make an effort to avail the services of a reliable and reputable travel agency, so they will not face any problem during the holy journey. However, when it comes to first class services travel agents usually charge pretty high from their customers. As a result, many pilgrims have to exhaust their entire savings in order to avail a gold package. In fact, due to the ever increasing prices of travel agents’ Hajj package today it has become literally impossible for many people to perform the holy ritual.

In such a situation, British Hajj Travel Ltd is the only ray of hope for Muslims in the UK, who want to perform Hajj. It can be judged from the fact that British Hajj Travel has launched cheap Hajj packages 2016, so even low-waged people can perform the major pilgrimage. If you belong to the same income group then, Bronze Hajj Package and Deluxe Hajj Package of British Hajj are specifically created for you. The Bronze Hajj Package will cost pilgrims £3,350 and in return they will get to spend 18 nights in Saudi Arabia, where best services will be provided to them.

In contrast the Deluxe Hajj Package will cost you £3,350 and they will get stay 17 nights in the holy land. British Hajj has specifically devised these two cheap Hajj deals, so people can enjoy first-rate services without spending too much. People, who will avail any of the two cheap Hajj packages, will be able to enjoy breakfast from British Hajj during their stay in Madinah. Besides these two packages there is a Silver Hajj Package too that is slightly expensive than Bronze and Deluxe, as it costs £3,695.

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