Essential Items Pilgrims Must Pack for Umrah

Umrah is one of the most important holy rituals for Muslims. So apart from making all the necessary arrangements and having all the knowledge to perform Umrah, pilgrims must not forget to carry all the important items with them which they will require during the journey. Otherwise, they will face lot of problems, so it advised that pilgrims should prepare a check list of all the necessary items and pack then pack their things accordingly. In case, you have clue what to pack or it’s your first trip to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, then here is a guide that will enable you to have a trouble free journey. Just the way British Haj Travel’s Umrah Packages in April 2014 offers a stress free trip to Saudi Arabia.


The first and the foremost important thing for any pilgrim is that he or she should carry enough money with them in which they can bear all the expenditures of the holy journey. The second most important thing that every pilgrim must put in their check list is passport, then identity card, visa and tickets other important documents. After checking these necessary documents, keep Ihram in your luggage, as it is the third most important thing that all pilgrims must carry with them. Men should also keep a belt in their bag because it will be enable them to hold their Ihram tightly, whereas women should bring along plain white cotton clothes with them in order completely cover their body.

Besides these items a rug, tasbeeh, Quran, books of duas and comprehensive book on the procedure of Umrah are also important to carry. Moreover, as pilgrims have to walk a lot in sun light so umbrella and sunglasses will come in quite handy because they will resist well against hot weather. Other than that items which we use on daily basis are also a must for the trip, so do not forget to bring along your towels, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, shaving cream, lotion, disposable razor, nail cutter and scissors. Slippers are also essential because pilgrims can use then in bathroom and for casual wear when they are in their hotel.

In case, you do not want to carry your alarm clock with you then, bring along a mobile phone. There are two benefits of carrying a mobile phone, first it can be used as an alarm clock secondly it can be used for communicating with fellow pilgrims or relatives. Pilgrims should also keep in mind that if they are going to perform Umrah during cold weather then, they must pack items like socks, mufflers and warm clothes otherwise they can get sick. To avoid any sickness, pain or fever, pilgrims should also keep basic medicines like fever tablets and painkillers with them. A small bag of first aid kit can prove useful  too during the journey if pilgrims get injured or hurt.

Pilgrims are allowed to carry their own pillows, bedding and sheets, so you can take advantage of it as well. Empty and clean bottles should also accompany you on this journey, as pilgrims require lots of water while performing Umrah due to hot weather in Saudi Arabia. In addition, these empty bottles will also enable pilgrims to bring back Ab-e-Zamzam for their relatives. Once you have checked all these items on your check list then, you are ready to leave your home for airport.

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