pilgrims camping in Arafat

pilgrims camping in Arafat

Mount Arafat. This image shows pilgrims camping at the Plain of Arafat. In this image, the relatively slow shutter speed captures the ghost images of figures ascending the lower steps to the right of the image. However, many other individual figures are in sharp focus. Most of the pilgrims – male and female – are wearing the two-piece garb, consisting of two white seamless sheets, associated with being in the state of ihram

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My name is Mustak Kamboli and it is really a great honour for me to work as a travelling agent for Muslim Pilgrims, who are looking to perform their religious duties such as Umrah and Hajj, by going to Saudi Arabia. I keep track of the latest happenings in Mecca and Medina in order to keep the clients updated through British Hajj Travel

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pilgrims camping in Arafat

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