Physical Preparation Before Hajj

Most of us think that Hajj is a spiritual journey so they only need to develop strong faith in order to perform the holy ritual. They are right, but only to an extent because Hajj not only requires a person to have strong faith but a strong body as well. By strong body we mean a hale and hearty and fit person, who can undertake a tough journey because Hajj requires a lot of physical strength. It can be judged from the fact that pilgrims have to walk miles and miles, bear hot weather, go through some tough conditions and face discomforts during this holy journey.


Thus, choosing the best package of the many Hajj packages is not the only thing that a pilgrims needs to do, as it is equally important for them to be physically fit. Otherwise, it will become quite tough for them to finish this trip. Tough weather conditions and long walks alone are enough to consumer their energy and raise aches and pains. Moreover, once a pilgrim loses their energy it will not possible for them to devotedly perform ibadaat or worship Allah. In contrast, if you are physically fit and strong then your body will be able to bear the hardships of this journey and you will be able to dedicatedly worship Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.


Keeping this in view British Hajj Travel Limited that is known for offering cheap Hajj packages and 5 star Hajj packages, has devised a list of tips that will enable the pilgrims to get in shape for Hajj. In fact, they can benefit from them even during and after Hajj.

Tips to Stay Healthy During Hajj

(i) Emphasis on eating fresh and clean food as you can. In addition, consume small meals all through the day, as if you are preparing for a sport event. Try to give your body the best before the journey as much as possible. Furthermore, discard things from your menu that are unhealthy or not good for you.

(ii) Make walking a part of your daily routine. It would be best for pilgrims to walk outside their house. If for some reason it’s not possible for them then, they can always go for treadmill, but make sure that you should use an incline.

(iii) Opt for exercises that will strengthen your body like Total Body Resistance training. Focus on strengthening the lower part of your body as you have to walk a lot during Hajj. So exercises like squats and lunges are best for this purpose, as they will really strengthen your muscles.

Physical Preparation Before Hajj

(iv) Since pilgrims have to walk a lot during Hajj so it is important that they should try hydrate themselves whenever they get access to the facilities. Otherwise, restroom will be the place where they will spend most of their time instead of performing ibadaats during Hajj.
(v) Buying right shoes for Hajj is another important thing that every pilgrim must pay attention to. The best shoes in this case are hiking shoes, as they specifically designed to cover long journeys. Moreover, pilgrims should consider buying a 10 or 9.5 size shoe if they originally use a 9 size. For the reason that if your feet get swell you will not be able to wear your shoes.
(vi) During Hajj consume enough food that will keep you going without any trouble. Usually pilgrims have different Hajj packages, but if your package allows you to order the food you want to eat then there will be nothing like it. You should order a diet that should be rich in carb, fat and proteins, as it’s a balanced meal for such a journey. In case, your package offers just one time meal then, try to avail that option in the morning because breakfast is the most important mealtime.
(vii) To avoid rash or chaffing pilgrims should lubricate your thighs from inside with Vaseline or baby oil.
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