Umrah packages a better way to perform Umrah by British hajj travel

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We are offering the 5 star Umrah packages with facilities from London but you can even get extra discount on pre bookings of Umrah tours with British haj travel.

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Umrah packages a better way to perform Umrah by British hajj travel

Muslims around the world come to perform Umrah to get a chance to see the Mosques of ALLAH (SWT) & perform sunnah of our last Prophet (PBUH), to drink Zamzam water and to walk in the streets of Makkah and Medina. Millions of Muslims groups from all over the world follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the compensation of any sin. As we all know that Hajj is to be done during specified days of the last month of Islamic year but the interesting thing is that Umrah tour can be performed at any time of the year. That’s why British tourists from Manchester and Birmingham have an opportunity to visit Saudi Arab for performing Umrah tours at any time during the whole year.

You are recommended to be in Wadhu and perform Ghusal all the time during your stay in Mosques of Makkah and Medina for Umrah tours. Women must wear hijab all the time during your Umrah trip and they should avoid make up. There are separate timing to visit holy Tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and these timings should be inquired from dedicated agents of British haj travel. We are not only committed to provide 5 star Umrah packages at luxury facilities with airline to Mecca but we are also keen to guide you at each step while performing Umrah tours at cheap packages to ensure you perform every step of Umrah tours in the right guidance of Sunnah. We scholars will provide guidance lecture which will surly help you to perform Umrah opted at cheapest packages in better manner at the inexpensive price.

British haj travel Operator, gives you an option to select different Umrah trips cheap packages. We are expert in the field of delivering luxurious package and economical cheap package offer for British pilgrims living in England either Birmingham or Manchester. Those British pilgrims who are living outside the United kingdom but they can manage to get their airline at the specified airports can also avail the offers by British haj travel without any extra price.

British haj travel is a well famous travelling agency that can arrange the Umrah tour in accordance with the Islamic principles. The organizer proudly offers cheap Umrah packages Manchester and Birmingham fulfilling their all Umrah tour requirements and specifications within inexpensive cheap package London UK. Our experienced Umrah organizer team will draft low-price package London and keep in touch with you to guide you each and every essential section without any extra price.

We are into Umrah tours operator business since a long time and formed a huge customer base by offering inexpensive cheapest Umrah package from UK. The base of satisfied customers have developed a remarkable goodwill of our brand in Muslim community by opting cheapest Umrah package UK. We have a lot of happy British Muslim with us which give us goodwill and a large market share. Because of our large turnover, we have a competitive edge on our competitors that our low-cost of Umrah package is lower than the other which can increase our profits but we transfer the profit to our beloved Umrah pilgrims in this shape.

We are offering the 5 star Umrah packages with facilities from London but you can even get extra discount on pre bookings of Umrah tours with British haj travel. We are approved Umrah agency with low-price packages because our mission is to provide this heavenly inexpensive Umrah packages London UK to all classes of the British Muslim including rich and poor. We have a lot of low-price Umrah offers from UK that are designed in accordance with the demands and needs of our British pilgrims who are living in London UK. We also offer for the group with tickets to Mecca that are available at British haj travel by getting which you will enjoy each and every moment of Umrah pilgrimage tour at low-price packages with your parents, spouse or children.

British haj travel arranges your hassle-free low-price Umrah trips visa and provides you fastest possible by rendering our experienced and specialized Umrah trips services with inexpensive packages. We advise our British Muslims Umrah trips pilgrims to email us your scanned documentary evidences before dispatching original hard copies of documents to us. In this way, we will pre-check and audit the information provided to us by you. After that British haj travel will be in a position to submit your documents directly to the Royal Saudi embassy without any problem and delay. All visitors are required to have a request to visit Saudi Arabia from Saudi Government which will be British haj travel responsibility to obtain for you. For an application made for visitor visa, invitation will be issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All pilgrims those are going to perform pilgrimage or Umrah, they are required to present a certificate of ACWY (meningococcal) vaccination, not lesser than 3 days and not more than 10 days before your arrival in Mecca. The ACWY vaccines that are widely available are also called conjugate vaccines which is not included in packages. It is strongly recommended by the Health department that children over the age of 5 years and all the adults should be vaccinated for their long lasting protection against diseases all these kind of information should be asked at the time of reservation of packages. Those who are over the age of 1 year, should receive a single dose of vaccine while Babies under the age of one year, should receive this doses twice one month apart for protection.

British haj travel provides a facility of advance Umrah booking which will be very luxury flights as a study of an Airlines Reporting Corporation reveals the fact that the best time to buy your tickets, is around 6 weeks prior to your Umrah trip. One thing you should know that you should be flexible while selecting your flight for Umrah as sometime adding few more days to your trip before or after peak days can decrease the fare. Another way to make with flights and hotels in Mecca through British haj travel, is to carry only recommended weight of your baggage as otherwise you will have to pay for extra weight of your luggage at Umrah trip and it should be confirmed at the time of packages reservation. We provide both direct and indirect of flights included in package for Umrah from UK to our British groups pilgrims. Sometimes you can save you cash by connecting through a city that just happens to have fares on sale.

You will be provided a taxi or whatever convenient for your safe arrival at your booked hotel with all inclusive Umrah package UK offers with flights and hotels to Mecca by British haj travel. After all the leisure and blessings gathered at Umrah trips at last you will be dropped back at one of the Saudi airport for your happy flight to come back in home. During your Umrah trips, most of the pilgrims want to have such an accommodation facility that is near to the blessed Mosques of Mecca and Medina as every time you have to go to the mosque to offer your prayers. But if you don’t have a nearer hotel then every time you have to get ride on a bus or a taxi that will be very costly for you. It will be very convenient especially for aged pilgrims if they get the closest hotel. British haj travel proudly offers you not only the closest place at trips but we will offer you the cleanest and safety hotel where you will be welcomed by the efficient hotel staff with open arms.

You will find out that there will not be any kind of mismanagement inside hotels arranged by British haj travel. You will be served with appetizing dishes of all kinds. Our expert team always keeps in touch with hotel management and tries to search the exemplary brilliant services at the lower costs.
Saudi Ministry of hajj and Umrah advises that,
• Drink plenty of Zamzam water at trips as it will prevent you from dehydration in your body.
• Pilgrims should use bottled mineral water if Zamzam water is not available with you during.
• Don’t use tap water or from any other source in Saudi Arabia.
• Water use for washing your hands, mouth and brushing your teeth, should be properly boiled first.
• Milk should be boiled unless it is pasteurized.
• Powdered milk is also available in Saudi Arabia and it can be used but after mixing it with pure water.
• Soft drinks of all kinds are available which are recommended to be used with no tension.
• Well cooked meat and fish can also be eaten.
• Before eating Vegetables should be properly cooked while fruits should be properly peeled.

British haj Travel is privileged to serve the Muslims Brothers and Sisters in London, UK with the cheapest offers. We have crafted many deals to cater all the financial classes of Muslim community. We have deluxe deals, platinum deals, deals with transportation, deals with zayarat, 5 star deals, 4 star trip, direct flight deals, 3 star deal, family deal, group deal, individual deal, couple deal, quad sharing deal, twin sharing trip deal or we can make a new customized trip deal right according to your requirement.

Transportation is not an issue in Saudi Arabia as there are different sources of transportation in KSA. Rail is one of the main medium of traveling throughout the country. Saudi railways’ cheap tickets for traveling within the country is offered by approved agency of British haj travel. Traveling by Bus is another important form of transportation while performing Umrah that is available throughout KSA. This efficient and fully air-conditioned bus service is provided by ‘The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company’. Pilgrims can have an hourly service between Jeddah and Medina and it is also operated regularly between Mecca and Medina. The inexpensive packages offered at British haj Travel are inexpensive and have all the luxury facilities available at cheap price. Our low-cost packages are drafted right according to the requirements of Muslims in UK keeping in consideration the low-price. Our wide array of deals for Muslims in UK include low-cost deluxe packages, 5 star cheapest packages, cheapest platinum packages, last minute low-price packages, low-cost family packages, cheapest group packages, cheap individual packages, Cheap couple packages and many other cheap packages to facilitate our Brother and Sister, so that they can easily select the best desired cheap package London.

Taxis are widely available in all the cities of Saudi Arabia including Makkah and Medina. Here transportation fares are based on meter reading and British drivers charge a per kilometer rate while this is not the case in KSA. You have to negotiate with the taxi driver through your agent to agree on a price before beginning. If you are looking for the latest pilgrimage offers then you are asked to please contact us via 01772 252996 and email: Our 24 hours online staff will satisfy your curiosity, wonder, interest, or passion to know about your last minute issues and will solve all your itinerant problems at your Holy visit.

Types of Packages

Prime travel agency of the UK, British Hajj Travel Ltd is famous for offering best Hajj and Umrah deals to British pilgrims.

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Ramadan Umrah Package (14 Night)


We are offering the 5 star Umrah packages with facilities from London but you can even get extra discount on pre bookings of Umrah tours with British haj travel.
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On April 25, 2017
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We are offering the 5 star Umrah packages with facilities from London but you can even get extra discount on pre bookings of Umrah tours with British haj travel.

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We are offering the 5 star Umrah packages with facilities from London but you can even get extra discount on pre bookings of Umrah tours with British haj travel.