One of the most frequently asked questions is how to get an Umrah visa or what are the requirements of Umrah visa. British Hajj Travel Ltd understands the importance of this question therefore the leading travelling company of the UK has compiled the list of prerequisites for Umrah visa 2017. That will educate all the Muslims about the requirements of Umrah visa. In case, you have any other queries related to Umrah, you are more than welcome to give British Hajj Travel a call. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you in every possible way.

Umrah Visa Requirements:

1. According to the laws of Saudi Arabian government a person or even a group of people cannot apply for Umrah visa on their own. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that Muslims should acquire the services of an authorized Umrah travelling company or agent in order to get Umrah visa.

2. People who have entered in the UK on business or visit visa are not eligible to apply for minor pilgrimage visa.

3. In order to apply for Umrah visa 2017 people need to fill out an original Umrah visa application after carefully reading terms and conditions written on it. Make sure that you have completely filled the form and then signed it as well. People can get the application from their travel agent through email or they can request it from Saudi Consulate.

4. The application form is submitted along with your passport. Thus, make sure that your passport should have a validity of at least 7 months from the time of submission.

5. Those,who have a non-Muslim name, should also need to submit a certificate from a religious centre or Mosque along with their passport and visa application to certify that they are Muslim.

6. Applicants are also required to attach their two passport size pictures in white background with visa application form. Make sure that the pictures you will attach with the form should be taken from the front rather than from a side or angled-pose, which are not acceptable at all.

7. Women, who are below 45 years of age, are not allowed to perform Umrah without a mahram. Thus, a proof of relationship with the male member should be attached with the visa form in such cases.

8. Women, who are of 45 years or above age can perform Umrah without a mahram. However, they are required to travel in a group and they should also attach a NOC (no objection certificate) from their mahram.

9. Children, who are below 18 years of age will not get Umrah visa until they are accompanied by any elder member or members of their family.

10. Although, it is not a requirement to get Umrah visa, but still a certificate of Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine is recommended. So take the injection of this vaccine at least 10 days before leaving for Saudi Arabia. Make sure that you should book an appointment with the doctor in time, as sometimes it gets really difficult to set an appointment.

11. The Saudi embassy will not issue Umrah visa to a person or people, who have performed the holy ritual in last 6 months.

12. Though, Umrah visa is valid for 30 days but pilgrims are not allowed stay in Saudi Arabia for 30 days. In fact, pilgrims have to pack their bags and leave the country maximum after spending 14 days, according to the new 2017 rule. Similar is the case in the holy month of Ramadan, as pilgrims cannot stay for more than 14 days in the Kingdom.

The reason behind issuing 30 days visa by Saudi embassy is that pilgrims need to enter the Kingdom within this time period. Once they arrive in Saudi Arabia they need to perform Umrah and other important rituals in 14 days and exit the country on day 15 at most.

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