Ziyarat – Holy Sites To Visit


Whether on haj or umra, holy sites to visit in and around Makkah include:

  1. Ghar E Hira – First revelation of the Holy Quran was on this holy site, one of many holy sites in Makkah.Ghar-e-Hira
  2. Ghar E Suhr (the cave where the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Harzat Abu Bakr Siddiq rested in this place on the night of hijrah). A must for the ziyarat.ghare-sour
  3. Birthplace of beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ,(now a library). One of the closest of holy sites to haram.birth-place-pbuh
  4. Jable E rehmat – Where first prophet Adam and his wife Hawa found one another after being placed on earth.jabi-rehmat
  5. Jannatul Mualla – Graveyard in makkah, the resting place of many of the close family of RasulAllah Sallaahualayhi wasalam including his beloved mother, son, wife, uncles and grandfather.jannat-u-mualla
  6. Minah, Muzdalifah, Arafat – Places of the rukns of Hajj
  7. Masjid E Nimra (arafat)
  8. Makkah Museum – situated about 10 minutes drive away from Haram, on old Jeddah road.
  9. Whether on haj or umra, holy sites to visit in and around Madina include:
  10. Masjid E Quba – First Masjid built
  11. Jannat Al Baqi – resting place of thousands of the companions and family of RasulAllah SallahuAlayhiwasalam.
  12. Uhud – place of the battle of Uhud
  13. Jabal E Uhud – resting place during battle
  14. Masjid E Nabawi Library – located inside the Masjid Nabwi, on the west side wall
  15. Badr (about 20 minutes from Madinah) (place of battle of badr)
  16. Masjid E Juma (Place where Surah was revealed and first Jummah prayer was read)
  17. Masjid E Qiblatain – Where Allah swt ordered for the qibla to change towards Makka

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